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R&D in LG

Gathered in LG Sciencepark, top-notch experts create values by converging
technologies and industries and lead the development of future technologies
and customer experience innovations for LG.

This is LG's hub for its best talents where they lead the research and development to prepare for the future.
LG Sciencepark is the biggest R&D complex in Korea where the talents from various disciplines such as AIs, robots, clean technologies, and software, gather together. In this R&D hub, they discover and foster future growth engines for LG and Korea and create values by converging future technologies and industries.

The complex recruits and nurtures tens of thousands of talents and provides them with the best research and welfare facilities so that they can only focus on their research. It also carries out open communication with people inside/outside LG through activities such as open seminars, book concerts, informal club activities, and volunteer activities. It also holds a culture week every year to share and spread LG's dynamic organizational culture.

LG Sciencepark is a vanguard base where various R&D talents from different disciplines gather together to create synergies, future innovations, and customer values.
Customers for life
LG not only provides customers with the products and technologies that they need, but also realizes customer values by giving them valuable experiences.

LG understands and sympathizes with customers by reflecting on customers’ pain points over all processes from product planning to design, customer service, and post-sales management and focuses on achieving customer satisfaction and making them LG's fans.

Furthermore, through active open innovation within the company itself as well as with SMBs, startups, academia, and local communities, LG provides customers with the best lifestyles and creates new values.

Above all, by placing the “Human First” spirit firmly under its all technology innovations, LG will establish ethical technology standards common to the entire industry and strive to lead the efforts to preserve customers’ rights and interests. LG will do its best in the future as well to provide the people, the environment, and the next generation with a better life.